What’s On Your Nightstand: Annabel Smith

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For today’s edition of What’s On Your Nightstand, author Annabel Smith gives us a glimpse at her nightstand. No, really, she sent a photo.  After you gawk at her stack, make sure you check out her new book Whiskey and CharlieTake it away Annabel!

Annabel Smith (via author's website)

Annabel Smith (via author’s website)

Contemporary Australian and North American novels are my great passion, and make up about 80% of my reading. I am ‘monogamous’ with novels (I can only read one at a time), but when it comes to non-fiction I usually have a few  titles on the go at any given time, which I pick up and read the odd chapter of somewhat randomly. I love books about the craft of writing, as well as personal essays, and have recently been on a memoir binge. I read every night with my eight-year-old son, so my nightstand always has at least one book we’re enjoying together. Also, don’t panic: I don’t keep tequila on my nightstand – that bottle is full of water, I swear!

Annabel Smith nightstand

Annabel Smith’s nightstand

Elizabeth Gilbert recently visited Perth for our writers’ festival and gave the most phenomenally inspiring talk about creativity. I am now her biggest fan and am just about to dig into The Signature of All Things, a book my mum passed onto me. It’s a historical novel about a woman who was way ahead of her time which sounds very appealing. (Editor’s note: I loved this book.)

For several months I’ve been meandering through Davy Rothbart’s hilarious, self-deprecating and sometimes outrageous essays in his collection My Heart Is an Idiot; the guy literally has no boundaries which makes for VERY interesting reading!

My next book club read is Ali Smith’s How to Be Both, a book which has been on several significant prize lists and I have heard tonnes of good things about – I’m always interested to see if a book like this lives up to the hype.

Annabel Smith is the author of Whiskey and Charlie, A New Map of the Universe, and digital-interactive novel The Ark. She has a PhD in writing and lives in Perth, Western Australia. Whiskey and Charlie is the story of twin brothers who become estranged. When Whiskey has a life-threatening accident, Charlie must face the reality that he may never have a chance to repair his relationship with his brother.