10 Sassy Tees for Book Lovers

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The weather is warming up so that means we can finally wear short sleeve shirts! I love graphic tees that are funny or sassy, especially when it pertains to book. Whether you prefer science fiction or women’s lit, here are some t-shirts that will tell the world how much you enjoy reading. There’s even a few for librarians.

Wear one of these shirts and you might make a new friend who totally gets your book obsession. Show off your book love with some sass and snark!

Sassy Tees For Book Lovers

Hey Good Bookin' Tee

I have a weak spot for cartoon animals wearing glasses. How can you go wrong with a cat wearing eyeglasses reading a book t-shirt? It’s like all the bookish stereotypes smashed in one graphic tee.

I Like To Party - I Mean Read Books

Party of one? Any time I’m curled up with a book is party time. Why not let the world know who your +1 is with this book party tee?

A Man for All Elizabethans Men's Tee

This men’s tee is my vision of a hipster Shakespeare in the park. Wearing sunglasses and walking four dogs.

I'm Not Superwoman, But I'm a Librarian

Librarians are definitely superheroes in my book. Gift this superwoman tee to your fave librarian.

Have fun library card tee

Where do you keep your library card because? Because having fun isn’t hard when you have a library card.

The book is always better, isn’t it? This book is better tee comes in an array of colors so you can wear one to every “based on a book” movie you go to.

Dinosaurs Didn't Read

Dinosaurs didn’t read, now they’re extinct. Is there any correlation?

All truths about being a book reader. The I’m a Book Reader shirt reads ” I live in a crazy fantasy world with unrealistic expectations. Thank you for understanding.”

A Book A Day Keeps Reality Away

Sometimes you just need to escape from reality.

Women who read are dangerous tee

Women who read are dangerous. ‘Nuff said.

Which of these tees for book lovers is your favorite?