Panic Reading Digital Library Books

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Panic reading.

That’s the new term I learned this weekend, thanks to some Facebook friends. It how you read when your digital library book loan will expire in less than a day. Ok, I added the one day part–but you get my drift. The fear of losing access to the book when I’m so close to finishing is a good motivator.

Most of my digital library loans are audiobooks. It’s hard to panic read an audiobook.

Euphoria by Lily King Audiobook

I had one hour left on Euphoria by Lily King and it expired! We got caught up in family weekend activities and I just forgot. You’d think at only 8 hours long, I wouldn’t have such a hard time finishing the book, but it wasn’t as exciting or gripping as I hoped. It was all rather dry. Still, I had invested my time, darnit, I wanted to finish it and mark it off on my GoodReads list! I even tried to find a print copy of it at my library but they were all checked out.

I mourned the loss of Euphoria for a short while–oh the irony!

My library uses Overdrive. As soon as the loan expires, I’m cut off from the book. Thankfully, you can sign up for an Overdrive account and it’ll sync your progress to the cloud. When I’m back ontop of the hold list for Euphoria, it’ll remember where I left off.

The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henriquez audiobooks

I moved on as soon as I received notice that I was next on the hold list for the audiobook of The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henriquez. It’s narrated by different readers, one for each character I think. At first I couldn’t get into, but I was hooked as soon as I got to know the characters Alma and Mayor.

If you listen to audiobooks, I highly recommend The Book of Unknown Americans. Listen to a sample at Audible.

I’m about halfway through and still have 2 weeks left on my digital loan for it. Keep your fingers crossed I’ll finish it in time.

Do you panic read library books?

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