On My Wish List: Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle FireSometimes I feel like the last hold out among my social media friends when it comes to e-readers. I really enjoy reading print books. I enjoy the weight of them. I love seeing the stacks of my to-be-read pile on my nightstand. I even enjoy the smell of a brand new book. Weird, I know. The fragrance of a new book is up there with a fresh box of crayons.

My main reason for not buying an e-reader is cost. I couldn’t justify the cost for a mono-tasking device. I have the Kindle app on my Android phone and it’s come in handy when I’m stuck in bed next to my toddler or waiting in the doctor’s office. I even borrow ebooks from my library via the Overdrive Media Console app. My diaper bag can only hold so many things-it’s heavy enough already.

Until I saw the Kindle Fire, Amazon’s new tablet. It’s a multitasking device. As much as I’m a bit leery of Amazon’s DRM (digital rights management) control on their ebooks, there’s no denying that they are one of the digital publishing leaders. After watching the video by Media Bistro, I’m having a case of e-reader/tablet envy. Plus the price, $199, is a good value for a tablet.

The Kindle Fire won’t be available until November 15, but they are already taking pre-orders. I wouldn’t be surprised if it sells out well before then. ┬áMaybe it’s time to give my husband a hint or two.

What about you? Do you use an e-reader? If you have one, do you have a preference over print books or ebooks?

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