March Diversity Reading Challenge Check-In #ReadDiverseLit

From Left to Write 2016 Diversity Reading Challenge #ReadDiverseLit

Well, this month’s Diversity Reading Challenge check-in was supposed to happen last week. When the flu demands your attending, you have no choice but to curl up in a fetal position and listen. At least that’s what last week felt like. Thankfully, I’m on the mend and feel mostly human again. Whew!

My reading has been slower than I’d like. (It’s hard being an overachiever.) I’ve DNF’d (did not finish) several books. In the past, I would have trudged through and finished a book just to get my credit for reading it. Thank you Goodreads for gamifying my favorite past time.  One of my reading goals this year is to give up on books sooner than later. I’m doing a pretty good job of that.

I’m slowly reading Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates.  Even though the book is only 176 pages, each sentence is packed with meaning and history. I find myself reading the same paragraph multiple times to absorb everything Coates is saying. It’s an intense read, but well worth it. I’m halfway through and I’m not sure I’ll finish it before my library demands it back. I think I should just buy a copy so I can highlight and make notes. Once I finish, the book fulfills #10 Memoir or biography by or about a diverse author.

I also read 2 diverse romance books. Both of them have a main character of color (#6). They are (with a 30 second review)

Radio Silence by Alyssa ColeThis was my first forray into dystopian romance. Two best friends Rochester two weeks after everything stopped working: cell phones, electricity, running water.  Arden, who is African American, and her gay BFF John, who is Korean American, decide to walk to his family’s cabin near the Canadian border. John’s handsome brother Gabriel saves them from scavengers but is pissed at Arden for endangering his little brother. Arden and Gabriel butt heads at first sight, but can they ignore the fireworks between them?

30 second review: This quick short read was hot, but as a science fiction reader, I craved more world building. However, it’s a romance (and a short book) so the focus is more on character relationships.

Fit by Rebekah Weatherspoon
: This book is all about the smut–in a good way! Sure, the relationship building is great and fun, but Violet and Grant sizzle on the page! Food Channel producer Violet needs to drop the pounds she’s gained from work. She hires Grant as her personal trainer. Let’s just say his methods of motivation are unorthodox–but Violet doesn’t mind at all.


How did you do with the challenge in February? Share in the comments.

Here’s the list again:

From Left to Write 2016 Diversity Reading Challenge #ReadDiverseLit

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