Giving Up on The Goldfinch Audiobook

 The Goldfinch ebook

It’s hard to believe that I started  The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt audiobook over a month ago. Mid-December. I’ve been stalled around the 20-hour mark for a couple of weeks now. While the first few hours of listening had me hooked, the honeymoon is over.  I’m giving up on The Goldfinch audiobook.

The story is getting bogged down by Theo’s meanderings and tangents. It’s just too slow for me. Considering I’ve invested over 20 hours into the audiobook, I’m feel compelled to see The Goldfinch through the end. I placed myself on all the library hold lists I had access to and finally I was able to borrow an e-book copy yesterday.

It took a bit of time to find my place in the e-book, but I hope to speed through the last 45% of it. Theo is not going down a good path (though that was foreshadowed in the prologue).

If you’re reading The Goldfinch, what do you think so far?

Wish me luck!

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