February Diversity Reading Challenge Check-In #ReadDiverseLit

From Left to Write 2016 Diversity Reading Challenge #ReadDiverseLit

We’re a month into our Diversity Reading Challenge! I’m glad to see so many of you are participating. If you haven’t joined yet, jump in! It’s never too late.

I wanted to share an update on my progress so far. In January, I read 6 books. Five adult fiction and 1 middle grade fiction. Of the 5 adult fiction, only 1 fit into the #ReadDiverseLit Challenge:

Planetfall by Emma Newman

Planetfall by Emma Newman is a science fiction novel with a mixed race protagonist who is also lesbian or bisexual. I say “or’ because it’s not clear to me in the novel. Make sure to read my review as I expand on the novel’s different aspects.

Another of the books I read a romance. Taking the Lead is written by a woman of color, Cecilia Tan. She’s great about including diverse characters in her books. As much as I loved Sakura, she was as secondary character in this novel. Never fear! In my Q&A with Cecilia Tan she hopes to be able to feature Sakura as a main character later in the series.


How did you do with the challenge in January? Here’s the list again:

From Left to Write 2016 Diversity Reading Challenge #ReadDiverseLit

Leave a comment with your progress or if you need recommendations for a particular item on the list.