6 Books To Help Channel Your Inner Child

6 Books to Help Channel Your Inner Child-I'm Not the Nanny

The leaves are starting to change and the air is definitely chilly. Our carefree summer days are over until next year. I enjoy my fall back to school routine, but it’s good to find time to relax and release some stress during these busy months. Being the book lover than I am, I turn to them to relax. Instead of just reading books, let’s get interactive!

Brew a pot of tea or coffee, grab your favorite 4-color ink pen or some crayons and channel your inner child with one of these books.

William Shakespeare Rewritten by You: Editor Joelle Herr encourages us to have a little–ok, a lot–of irreverent fun by allowing us to rewrite famous monologues and scenes from those plays you were forced to read in school. Unless you’re a theatre major like me and actually acted out those scenes in Shakespearean Acting 101. Think MadLibs for Shakespeare. Give Henry V a twist by filling in the blanks for “I will vacuum for thee” or A Midsummer’s Night Dream’s “That you have but snored here.” Perfer for road trips or just a nerdy, literary date night.

Speaking of MadLibs, these Snoop Dogg Mad Libs have got to be hilarious! Our classic MadLibs come in this very adult version  featuring 21 stories inspired by the life and music of the prolific rapper Snoop Dogg. I wonder how many -izzle words you can make up? If you want a laugh now, I love this video clip of Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart rapping together:


Remember how much you loved coloring? Grab your pencil colors or crayons and settle down with a copy of Coloring Animal Mandalas by Wendy  Piersall. Coloring mandalas will help you relax, focus, and help you reach a higher state of mindfulness. Piersall produces circles of beautiful real and fantastical creatures: seahorses, lions, dragons, and even unicorns. Here’s a really cool time lapse video made by the artist:



I’m a big doodler when I’m on conference calls and my doodle style of choice is zentangles. Zentangle Basics, Expanded Workbook Edition: A Creative Art Form Where All You Need is Paper, Pencil & Pen by Suzanne McNeill CZT is a great introduction to drawing zentangles. Learn the basic techniques to this relaxing doodling art form. My favorite pens for zentangling are the Pilot G2 gel pens.

If you’d rather color zentangles, then you want Zenspirations(TM) Coloring Book Inspirations Designs to Feed Your Spirit: Create, Color, Pattern, Play! by Joanne Fink. Each design has an inspiration quote to guide you while you color it. When you’re done, hang it on your wall to inspire you on those crazy days.

Get crafty without the stress with Pop-Out & Paint Dogs & Cats by Cindy A. Littlefield. Whether you make these on your own or enlist your kids to help, the book provides templates and painting instructions to create realistic paper version of man’s best friends. The projects are also perfect for a rainy day!

It’s all to easy to get stuck doing “adult” things and forget that we can relax and have fun. One of these books are sure to help channel your inner child!

How do you relax or relieve stress?