Book Club Day: In Stitches by Anthony Youn, M.D.

In Stitches by Anthony Youn

The word doctor can evoke strong feelings and memories from everyone. Little kids dread their annual check-ups because of shots while adults worry those backless gowns. Dr. Anthony Youn’s memoir In Stitches tells readers what life was like on other other side of lab coat. As a Korean-American, his parents encourage him to become a doctor, not just any doctor but a surgeon.  His journey through medical school is arduous but soon he discovers his passion to help others through plastic surgery.

From Left to Write members bare their soul (and sometimes a bit more) in their posts inspired by In Stiches:

Want to learn more about Dr. Youn and his book? Join Dr. Youn for a live video Q&A and chat tomorrow, August 10th at 5:30pm Eastern time. You can log in via Facebook or Twitter and ask him questions in real time.
Before the chat, follow Dr. Youn on Twitter and tweet questions in advance with hashtag #institcheslive. Don’t foget to pick up your copy of Dr. Anthony Youn’s In Stitches.
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