4 Audiobooks For the Guys In Your Life

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Audiobooks For Guys

Besides magazines and plays, my husband isn’t much of a reader. Yes, this book blogger’s husband isn’t a fan of reading.  Not that I haven’t tried. I’ve given him my copy of Gone Girl  and Dad Is Fat, but they just lay dusty by his nightstand.

Then I introduced him to audiobooks and dramatic recordings. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! He can listen to them at work and has read more books in the last month than he has all year. I’m glad we’ve found a formula that works for him because you can’t go wrong with reading (or reading via audiobooks).

I’m sharing the one that my husband really enjoyed in case you’re looking for audiobooks for the guys in your life too. They also make great Father’s Day gifts. Our men can listen to them via the Audible app on their phone.

4 Audiobooks For the Guys In Your Life

LATW August Osage County

August: Osage County by Tracy Letts: This is the one that got my husband hooked!

“Winner of the 2008 Tony Award for Best Play, Tracy Letts’ darkly comic epic offers a painfully funny look at a family struggling in the desolate heart of America. An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast recording…” Recorded before a live audience

Cast: Tara Lynne Barr, Shannon Cochran, Deanna Dunagan, Kimberly Guerrero, Francis Guinan, Scott Jaeck, Ron Livingston, Robert Maffia, Mariann Mayberry, Rondi Reed, and David Warshofsky.

Twilight Zone Radio Dramas

The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas, Volume 1“Experience one of television’s greatest science fiction series: The Twilight Zone. This collection of episodes is fully dramatized for audio and features a full cast, music, sound effects, and performances by some of today’s biggest celebrities.”

Narrators: Mariette Hartley, Lou Diamond Phillips, Jane Seymour, James Keach, Blair Underwood, Ed Begley Jr, Chris McDonald, and more.

Jeffery Deaver The Skin Collector

The Skin Collector by Jeffery Deaver: “The killer’s methods are terrifying. He stalks the basements and underground passageways of New York City. He tattoos his victims’ flesh with cryptic messages, using a tattoo gun loaded with poison, resulting in an agonizing, painful death. When a connection is made to the Bone Collector – the serial killer who terrorized New York more than a decade ago – Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs are immediately drawn into the case.”

Narrator: Edoardo Ballerini

Buried Child by Sam Sheppard

Buried Child by Sam Sheppard: My husband hasn’t read this one yet, but guess what he’s getting for Father’s Day? “It’s a curious homecoming for Vince, the son nobody seems to remember. Violence is never far from the surface as his unexpected return uncovers a deep, dark secret that triggers catastrophe in Sam Shepard’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Buried Child. An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance”

Cast: Hale Appleman as Vince; Tom Bower as Dodge; John Getz as Father Dewis; Amy Madigan as Halie; Robert Parsons as Tilden; Jeff Perry as Bradley; and Madeline Zima as Shelly.

Yes, I know that these audiobooks appeal to women too. I’m just excited that I’ve got my  husband to read! What audiobooks do you think my  husband would enjoy?

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