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What's On Your Nightstand-From Left to Write

Today, Ariane Trelaun shares what’s on her night stand.  Not only is Ariane a member of From Left to Write, she’s a blogger, a writer, and a beekeeper! Talk about multi-talented! Let’s take a peek at her night stand, shall we?

Ariane's Night stand

On Writing by Stephen King: this book regularly appears on lists of Must Reads for Writers, so I’ve finally taken the plunge. I’m annotating and adding post-it flags as I go. No matter what you think of King’s books, still it’s fascinating to read about this prolific author’s habits and ideas on writing. Inspired, I’ve been cranking out 2,000 words a morning since highlighting that passage. Just what I needed!

A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing by Eimear McBride: As an organizing principle for my reading and as a way to learn about new writers, I love book prize shortlists. I read all of the Booker Prize shortlisted titles every year, racing to get them read before the announcement of the winner. This year I went nuts for the Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction, and gobbled all of the titles. Generally, and it happened again, whichever of the books I haven’t read yet, is the one that wins. So it was with the Baileys. McBride’s book is next on my list.

Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed: I’ve been reading this book slowly-slowly for about a year now, taking long breaks between pieces, savoring and not wanting it to end. I bought this last year when I attended a writer’s workshop with Cheryl Strayed, though I bailed on the *enormous* line to have her sign it. As little essays, these pieces are just gems. Strayed just has such a glow.

The Bees by Laline Paull: I’ve actually already read this book, LOVED it, and keep going back. For me as a beekeeper, the way that Paull describes the inner workings of the colony is totally fascinating. I can’t get enough of that feeling of being inside the hive, and keep re-reading the passages describing the relationship between flowers and bees. So beautiful!

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Ariane Trelaun is a writer, beekeeper and all-around bad-ass still working on sticking handstand in the middle of the room. Since February 2014, Ariane’s been building two businesses, Do Your Thing, a bookkeeping business serving the self-employed, and Blissbug, her line of local, organic honey and hive products. When not cranking out 2,000 words a day, posting to her blog, The Force Expansive, or otherwise instigating something, Ariane can be found taking yet another photo of a bee in a poppy and uploading it, again, to Instagram.

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