What Would You Ask Martha Beck? Call For Questions

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Martha Beck headshot

We’re thrilled to have Martha Beck join us on book club day this Thursday, November 10 when From Left to Write bloggers discuss her book, Expecting Adam.

Martha Beck will be chatting live with our bloggers and you, our readers, at 1PM Eastern (convert it to your time zone).  In case you missed it, here’s more about the new edition of Expecting Adam:

John and Martha Beck had two Harvard degrees apiece when they conceived their second child. Further graduate studies, budding careers, and a growing family meant major stress–not that they’d have admitted it to anyone (or themselves). As the pregnancy progressed, Martha battled constant nausea and dehydration. And when she learned her unborn son had Down syndrome, she battled nearly everyone over her decision to continue the pregnancy. She still cannot explain many of the things that happened to her while she was expecting Adam, but by the time he was born, Martha, as she puts it, “had to unlearn virtually everything Harvard taught [her] about what is precious and what is garbage.”

What would you want to ask Martha Beck or Expecting Adam? Leave your questions in the comments and it might be chosen for our chat.

I hope you can join us at 1PM Eastern on November 10!

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  1. Thanks for offering this chance to ask questions in advance of the live chat (which I will be unable to attend).

    I read this book in just a few sittings; it was compelling on many levels.

    My question:

    There are many “supernatural” events to which you refer in this book, the majority happening durng your pregnancy. In the years since Adam arrived and since this book was published, how have those events (and any that have occured since the publishing of the book) affected and/or deepened your spirituality/faith?

    Thanks for your willingness to share your story. ;-)

  2. I really enjoyed this book, and the perspective that it is okay to put away everything you believed to slow down and enjoy life. Thank you for sharing your story.

    I was troubled by the idea that Adam was somehow more magical than your other children. What do your daughters think about this? How did your subsequent pregnancy, after you found your new spirituality, compare to your time expecting Adam?

  3. I absolutely loved this book. As a mother of 3 attempting to earn a PhD it is always refreshing to me to read about the inner workings of others going through a similar process. My question, though, is this: Now that Adam is older how does he feel about the book? Has he read it? Does he understand it is his story being told?

  4. i too would like to know if you are still experiencing the evidence of the “puppeteers.” how would you describe your understanding of that “power” these days?

  5. Martha, thank you for your book – I don’t have a Harvard degree or a Down’s baby, but in 100 other ways I read this book saying “yes…I know…me too.” I would echo Melanie’s question about the “puppeteers.” I would also ask – you mentioned a few times that if you told people what you had experienced you would be considered a “Certified Fruit Bat.” Obviously, you’ve told the world. Has your Fruit Bat status been as you feared? And, the relationship between spirit and intellect has changed radically since the 1980′s, as has the relationship between Feminism and Family. How has these changes impacted the way your story is received?

  6. Martha,

    I too am writing a revealing memoir. I’m trying to prepare myself for the public unveiling of my personal life but I’m not sure we can ever really be prepared for the kind of microscope the media can place over us. I know your other books have caused controversies that make Expecting Adam a tame book. How do you feel about being under this microscope and having to answer nay-sayers?

    Thank you for your courage!

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