Tiny Sunbirds, Far Away Book Club Day

Tiny Sunbirds, Far Away By Christie Watson

The teenage years are tough for many of us. We felt that no on understood who we are. Still, we all managed to survive.

For Blessing, the main character of Christie Watson’s Tiny Sunbirds, Far Away, growing up as a teen in Nigeria is an entirely different experience from most of us. Her life was filled with violence and poverty, yet she managed to find moments of happiness. She found herself.

Though From Left to Write members did not grow up in Nigeria, they found common themes with Blessing and her family.

What were your teenage years like? How does your teenage dreams compare to today?

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Published by The Other PressTiny Sunbirds, Far Away is available at Amazon.


  1. Christie Watson says:

    Thank you all so much for such wonderful stories inspired by Tiny Sunbirds. My own teenage years were difficult; I was rude and knew everything. Of course, the older I get the less I know … My parents had such a tough time with me that they were pleased when I left at sixteen, to live with a boyfriend. I had no idea how vulnerable I was, or how stupid. It must have been a terribly worrying time for them, and only now that I have my own children can I appreciate just how scary it is to raise a teenager. But, I hope, we live and learn. The one thing I did right as a teenager was to dream. My teenage dream was to one day become a writer – and I feel so lucky to be doing something I love so much. I pinch myself every day.


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