2015 Reading Resolutions

2015 Reading Goal

2015 Reading Goal

First of all, Happy New Year!

I love the new crayon box smell of a brand new calendar year. It’s a blank book waiting to be filled with adventures. We’ve got some great book club features lined up for this winter and spring! I’m really excited about them. But first, I wanted to share my personal reading resolutions.

I’m pleased to share that I accomplished my goal of reading 90 books in 2014. In fact, I finished my 92nd book just minutes before midnight! I think reading more audiobooks helped me accomplish this goal. This year, my goals are similar to 2014. I’m still making them public so I can be accountable.

My 2015 Reading Resolutions

  1. I’m joining the Goodreads Reading Challenge again. My goal for this year is 100 books. I attempted that many in 2012 & 2013 but failed miserably. Since I’m hit 92 in 2014, I figure I’ve got a shot at it. Caveats are the same as last year’s:  only books I read for myself count, not the books I read for my kids. Unless my 9-year-old daughter and I are reading a book together.
  2. Read 12 business books. Last year I read 8 so let’s go for a cool dozen this year.
  3. Read and review more books by authors of color. I realized that I read plenty of books written by authors of color, but I don’t always review them here. Of course, I don’t review every single thing I read. It’s either because I don’t always have the time to do so or I didn’t enjoy the book. No need to subject you to a book I hated.
  4. Come clean about my leisure reading: erotica books. I read quite a bit of erotica, but don’t often write about it here. So I plan on sharing more of them at Bawdy Bookworms. The site is still under construction but my plan is to have it up and running in a couple of weeks. Make sure you join the email list!

So there are my reading resolutions for 2015.

Did you make any reading goals for the new year?

2014 Reading Resolutions

January is halfway over and I haven’t written out my reading resolutions and goals for the year yet. I think I was too ambitious last year, so I’m scaling back a bit. Here is what I hope to read for the next eleven and a half months:

  1. My general goal is to read 90 books this year. Caveats: only books I read for myself count, not the books I read for my kids. Unless my 8-year-old daughter and I are reading a book together. You can follow my progress on GoodReads.
  2. Read more books by authors of color. Last year I specifically focused on Asian American authors, but this year I’m widening the field. I’ll probably stick to genre I normally read: literary fiction, science fiction, women’s lit and maybe some mystery thriller. I don’t have a specific number for this goal. I just want to be more aware of it. The Girl Who Fell From the Sky is the first book by an author of color that I’ve read this year.
  3. Read 6 business books. I know it sounds boring, but I think it’s important as a blogger and entrepreneur to keep up with what’s going on in the business word. I hope to accomplish this with a book club I’m in.
  4. Attend more author talks and signings. Last night I had a chance to meet some DC are book bloggers and Politics & Prose staff members. While it takes a little more planning on my end to make a trip to the indie bookstore, I want to make sure I visit more often. Politics & Prose has over 400 author events each year! Last year I did hear Curtis Sittenfield talk about her latest book Sister. I definitely want to visit Politics & Prose more often.

So there are my goals.

If you have any book recommendations that fit into #2 & #3, let me know!

What are your reading goals for 2014?

2013 Reading Resolutions Wrap Up

2013 Reading Resolutions Wrap Up

2013 Reading Resolutions Wrap Up

With less than 48 hours left in 2013, I’m a little bummed to say that I’m short of my goal to read 100 books this year. Way back in January I shared my 2013 reading resolutions here. Besides trying to read 100 just for me books (I didn’t count books I read to the kids), I had more specific goals. Here’s how I did:

GOAL: Read 100 books.
No. I did read 87 books so far this year. Hoping to finish 2 more:  The Goldfinch by Donna Tart &  Happier at Home by Gretchin Rubin

GOAL: Read more “literature” type books.
ACCOMPLISHED? Yes. I managed to read quite a few critically acclaimed books: The Life of Pi by Yann Martel (my review), The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (audiobook), This is How You Lose Her & The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (audiobook) by Junot Diaz.

GOAL: Read more Asian-American and Asian-Canadian writers. 
ACCOMPLISHED? Could have done better. I only read 4. I read Amy Tan’s newest book The Valley of Amazement (my review), My Education by Susan Choi (my review), Snow Hunters by Paul Yoon (my review), This Is Paradise by Kristiana Kahakauwila (a book club selection).

GOAL: Do more “popcorn” reading.
ACCOMPLISHED? Yes. My first love is literary fiction, but it’s good to break things up with some lighter fare.  I read fun women’s lit, dsytopian fiction (loved Wool by Hugh Howey), and the Magnus Flyte novels.

I think I did pretty well overall. You can see my entire 2013 book list on GoodReads. It’s time to decide what my reading goals are for next year.

How did you do with your 2013 reading resolutions?

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2013 Reading Resolutions

Happy New Year! It’s that time of year again. Where I make an intention (aka goal) for my reading for 2013.

This year I’m aiming for 100 books again. I ended 2012 with 80 books, so not bad. Last year I didn’t make a concentrated effort to read during the first couple of months and fell behind. Not so this year! I hope to sneak in at least 10-15 minutes a day reading. I want to create a bedtime routine so I’ll sleep better (and earlier) so I want to including reading in bed as part of it.

I’m using GoodReads again to keep track of my books. Again, I’m not including books that I read to my kids, unless it’s a book I would read on my own as well. I think once my daughter starts reading longer chapter books there will be some overlap.

Instead of just focusing on the number of books I want to read this year, I hope to focus on specific types of books as well:

  • Read more “literature” type books. The ones that receive award nominations and critical acclaim. I thought I’d start with Junot Diaz because I’ve seen his name a lot these days. On Twitter, Emily recommended that I start with The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. Next time I head to the library, I’ll grab a copy.
  • Read more Asian-American and Asian-Canadian writers. As an Asian-American, I want to learn more about other Asian-Americans’ experiences living in the United States. How are they similar to my experiences as a first-generation versus someone whose family has been in the US much longer? I will probably avoid those that sound like coming of age experiences. I’m all ears for any recommendations.
  • Do more “popcorn” reading. By popcorn reading, I mean formula fictions like cozy mysteries, thrillers and maybe even some chick lit.
I think that’s about all I can manage. I read a wide variety of genres and don’t want to limit myself. It’s nice to take a break from serious literature for some popcorn reading and vice versa.
What about you? What reading resolutions are you making? If you wrote about it on your blog, please leave a link in the comments.

Reading While Sick

I hope you all had a great Christmas/holiday break. My break was spent in bed sick while trying to take care of sick kids. My husband is sick too but he returned to work yesterday.  Christmas evening we were all in bed by 9:30pm. Rare for our household. Needless to say, it’s been quite an interesting few days.

I’ve been slugging along towards my 2012 reading goal even though I know I won’t finish it.  I think I’ll be happy if I end the year with 80 books read. That means only 3 more books to read within 5 more days.

Since my cold makes it hard to concentrate, I’ve been taking the easy way out and reading some lighter fare. I’ve discovered a new culinary theme cozy mystery with Footprints in the Sand by Mary Jane Clark. Next on deck, when I my sinuses allow me to read, is another food based novel, Vanity Fare: A novel of lattes, literature, and love by Megan Caldwell.

Hopefully by the time I finish Vanity Fare, I will have recovered from this cold. I think I’ll try to tackle at least one book from my currently reading list on GoodReads. One of them have been on the list since April! Yikes.

I also hope to post a couple of more reviews by the end of the year.

How are you finishing out 2012?

2012 Reading Goal: 26 More Days

2012 Reading Challenge Stats

2012 Reading Challenge Stats

I’m really behind on my goal of reading 100 books for this year. I’m 22 books behind. That means I need to read about a book a day to catch up. That’s a screenshot of what GoodReads tells me.

I’m not panicking or stressing out about it. I set the goal to have fun and stretch myself a bit. Plus, it’s my first year tracking the books I’ve read. It’s fun to look at my stats on GoodReads to see how many pages I’ve read, how I’ve rated them, etc.

I’m going on a long trip soon. I’m loading up my tablet with ebooks and lugging a few print books with me. I’m not sure I can read a book a day. I’m a fast reader but I’m going on a cruise. I plan on doing other things besides reading by the pool or beach. Though that sounds pretty divine right? I should really pay attention to my family during our family trip.

I think if I finish off 2012 around 80-90 books, I’ll be happy.

How are you doing with your reading goals?