Riffle: A New Way to Discover Books

I recently received an invitation to join Riffle, a social media platform that helps you discover new books.  It’s very visual and has been called the “Pinterest of books.” I’m still new to Riffle and am discovering all the different things you can do with it.

Riffle Books Logo


It’s pretty easy to join and set up a profile and account. My only quibble is that you have to use Facebook to create an account. It wouldn’t let me set up an account for the From Left to Write Facebook page, so I’m using my personal account. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

One feature that I like a lot is that I can create lists of books on whatever theme or topic I want to. Of course the first thing I did was create a list of our favorite book club reads. Creating the list is fairly easy. I type in the name of the book I want to add and it pops up. Click on it, and it’s added to your list. I made the book club reads list in less than 5 minutes. It took more time for me to figure out what books to add to it.

Like other social media platforms, you can add friends and other people can follow you. You can recommend books to those who follow you and your friends can do the same for you.  I’m interested to see how it compares to GoodReads.

Are you on Riffle? If you are, I’d love to follow you! Here’s my profile on Riffle. I’m not sure if you can see it if you’re not a member.

If you’re not on Riffle, I have a few invites (it’s currently invite only). So just leave a comment below and make sure you leave your email in the the section that says, “Email” so I can send you an invite. Don’t worry, no one will see your email address but me. I promise not to spam you. I will only use your email address for the invite.

I ran out of invites super fast, so you can join Riffle with my referral link. The link is only good until 1/26 and is first come first served. And no, I don’t get anything if you join via my link but I hope you’ll follow me so I can follow you and see what books you’re reading!

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