Review: The Modern Girl’s Guide To Life — Revised for the Second Generation of MG’s

Modern Girls Guide to Life Revised by Jane Buckingham

The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life is a collection of tips, tricks, and stylishly smart collection of practical advice for busy women originally published in 2004. Fast forward 11 years later and the book is back, polished and revised for a new generation of MG’s. I sat down last week with author Jane Buckingham to discuss the revised edition and perhaps gush a little.

Talking to Jane was like catching up with an old friend. She is just as authentic as her voice in the MGG.

The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life tackles many of the real world problems facing young women. Jane has set out to share her authentic experience as an MG and to share it with future generations of MG’s. What is a 401k? How do you get a red wine stain out the carpet? What utensils do I actually NEED in my kitchen? As well as things you might not think of: How to order and drink a Scotch. What are the rules of football? How do you check the oil in you car?

The MGG covers everything from sleeping to sexting, interviewing to Instagramming, crockpots to cosmetics. If you have a question, Jane covers it. MG’s aren’t perfect, and this book isn’t selling perfection. It’s a field guide that teaches us how to survive our hectic modern lives and come out on the other side without mascara running down our face and our blow-out destroyed.

Who should read the Modern Girl’s Guide to Life

Everyone. My Grandmother was visiting last week and I caught her thumbing through the book and nodding in agreement. Especially in the section on MG finances. Give it to all of the young women you know leaving for college or renting their first home. It’s also my go-t0 high school graduation present.

About Jane Buckingham:

Jane Buckingham is one of the country’s foremost experts on Generations X, Y and V. She is a bestselling author, speaker, and television host and appears as the Career Expert on ABC Family’s upcoming reality show, “Job or No Job.” She wrote the bestselling “Modern Girl’s Guide” book series and was host of the Style Network TV show of the same name where she inspired young women to live their best lives personally and professionally.