Resisting Temptation At the Library

Library Sign

I have a confession.

I love my local library, yet I rarely check out books from mine.

Sometimes I feel guilty about it. I don’t avoid visiting my library. I take my kids there at least once a week. I let check out as many books as I can carry. My 7 year old has ventured into chapter books, graphic novels and anything Pokemon related. I love watching her devour books like I did at her age. My 3 year old has his favorites as well: Scaredy Squirrel and Dora books. Then there’s preschool story time for my guy and they offer various family events throughout the year. My kids jump up and down when I bring up going to our library.

We come so often that most of the librarians know our entire family by name. I know their names too.  We chat and recommend books to each other. Still, the only thing I borrow for myself are movies.

Last week I let myself glance at the New Arrivals shelves. I might have even picked up a few to read the book jackets. Still, I set them back down. It’s not that I don’t want to take those lovely plastic covered books home. I have so many books waiting for me to discover their stories that the stacks fall over on me.

If I bring home a library book on impulse, it might become ignored or worse, forgotten. Until I racked up so many fines, I wouldn’t be allowed to borrow books until I paid up. That’s happened more than once. Maybe more than twice. I plead the fifth. I’ll borrow a book if I really want to read it and don’t want to own a copy. Or I visit another the used bookstore at another library branch to buy a copy. Sometimes I go on a binge and borrow e-books from my library. Those return themselves, so to speak, so I don’t have to worry about fines.

So that’s my deep dark secret about the library. I still love my library. We’re not breaking up anytime soon.

Do you use your local library? What type of materials do you borrow from it?

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Thien-Kim is Editor of From Left to Write. She sneaks in her reading time late at night after her family is sound asleep. She also writes at I'm Not the Nanny.


  1. Yes, all the time! We go at least once a week, and I usually max out the 50 books I can check out on my card. It’s not just kids’ stuff–I like picking up cookbooks to flip through, nonfiction of any kind, and of course lots of novels. I have a long list of “To Read” books on my phone, so I add a few to my Hold list every other week. I read a ton, and one of my son’s favorite things to do is go out just the two of us, after dinner, to the library. It’s quiet there, he gets my full attention, and we enjoy it.

    • That sounds like a wonderful way to spend time with your son. When my daughter is at the library and gets in engrossed in a book, the world is dead to her. I’m very proud.

  2. I am a GIANT fan of my local library :) I had to put myself on a library ban at the end of 2012 though because my tbr piles were outrageous and I wanted to get through some of those 😉 I use my library’s website to request books on an almost daily basis…or I did before the ban. Once I get through some review books that I already have at home I’ll be doing that again. I love that place, it’s my home away from home :)

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