Reading Book Blogs Is Dangerous

Reading book blogs can be dangerous

Yes, I know that this is a book blog. No, I’m not telling you to stop reading it. Personally, I have lots of book blogs in my feed reader. I love reading them but there’s always a catch-22.

Here’s why I think reading book blogs are dangerous:

1. I find more books I want to read. Every time I read another book blogger’s review or author Q&A, I think That sounds interesting. I want to read that book! So I add it to my list. I haven’t even looked at my “to-read” list on Goodreads in ages. I’m skeered to. It’s probably miles long. But I keep adding books to it. I’m sure if I ignored my kids and husband and read every waking minute, I just might finish reading half of the books on the list. IF I don’t add any more to it.

2. I spend all morning chatting with said book bloggers on Twitter. Let me warn you, book bloggers are funny. BookBender‘s tweets crack me. I like connecting with other book bloggers on Twitter but it’s putting a serious cramp in my reading time.

3. I laugh out loud hysterically at my desk. I work from home and late at night so this is usually not an issue. Except when my husband’s home and is sitting in the next room. If my laughter is loud enough, he comes in to ask why. Then I have to show him posts like the Top It Off Tuesday meme.  (Warning: Half nekkid men ahead.) Sometimes he gets it, sometimes I have to explain things (but not the Top It Off Tuesday, thank goodness). That slows down my productivity, which cuts into my reading time.

4. I find even more book blogs to read. Rinse and repeat the above 3 right? I could be reading more books instead of more book blogs!

See a theme there?

All joking aside, I really do love reading other book blogs. I like hearing about books I probably won’t have time to read. I can see what the newest trends are in books and reading. (I still manage to read 1-2 books a week.)

The best part of all? I get to meet some pretty awesome folks who love books as much as I do.

What are some of your favorite book blogs? Cause, you know, I need even less sleep.

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