Plenty of Socializing: Bout of Books Day 4 Update

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon


Thanks everyone for your support about counting my kids’ books for Bout of Books read-a-thon. Reading is reading, right?

Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid BalletI’m still stuck in the very beginnings of An Echo Through the Snow. I only managed to read about 45 pages of it. On the other hand, I read several books to my kids, Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet stood out the more than That’s Not My Baby. My husband has the day off on Fridays so I hope to get much more reading done.

Though Thursday was a big reading hump day for me, I did a lot of socializing. On social media that is. I chatted on Twitter with with my fellow participants, visited more blogs and left my daily goal of 5 comments. I even participated in the Candy Challenge hosted by BookSmartie.

Plus I even wrote a review for a book I read last week, The Age of Miracles.

I think I had a pretty productive day!

For Friday, I hope to read more of my books and less of the kids’ books. Keep your fingers crossed

Thursday Update

Books read: 1 and part of 1
Pages read: 55
Blogs I left comments on: 5
Challenges participated: 1

Total books read: 3 (2 kids and 1 adult)
Total pages read:  503

There’s affiliate links in this post in case you’re compelled to buy a copy of Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet.

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Thien-Kim is Editor of From Left to Write. She sneaks in her reading time late at night after her family is sound asleep. She also writes at I'm Not the Nanny.


  1. Today was a hump day for me too!! But tomorrow I will be reading all day (except for going to the gym)

  2. Haha, hump day for me as well! I have a feeling today will be a hump day as well. =.= At least you’re making progress by making new awesome blogger friends. 😀 Keep it up!

  3. Seems at it wasn’t a great day for a lot of us^^ no fear we can only do better then ^^

    good luck for friday and the WK

  4. You still did better then me on Thursday! I got nothing read. ):

  5. It was another slow day for me but I am looking forward to reading more today. We (my son and I) don’t have to be anywhere until about 3:30 this afternoon so I am hoping to get a ton a reading done today. Hope you manage to get some reading done today

  6. I love that you added comments on blogs as a goal. I’m going to have to steal that one for next time. It looks like you didn’t have too bad of a day. It’s awesome that you read to your kids!

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