October Book Club: Lost Edens by Jamie Patterson

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Lost Edens by Jamie Patterson

What happens when a marriage falls apart? To an outside observer, a marriage’s issues may seem black and white but when it’s your own marriage it’s a different story. This month our book club members are reading Jamie Patterson’s Lost Edens.

For Jamie Patterson, the end of her marriage is signaled by betrayal and abandonment. When estranged husband Ben asks to live with Jamie again, she ignores her instincts, her family’s concern, and her friends’ doubts and sets about making a perfect home in a California beach town.

What follows in 33-year-old Patterson’s debut reads more like a mystery (or a horror story) than an account of a relationship ruptured by infidelity. As Jamie’s carefully titrated efforts walk a tightrope between wishful fantasy and cruel reality, we watch: enraptured, enraged, and endeared by this fearless yet fragile young woman who must end one way of life to forge a new one.

The decision to leave or repair a marriage is not easily made. Join us on October 27 as we discuss Jamie’s book and discover how Jamie finds herself again.

Lost Edens is published by Beaver Pond’s Press. Visit Jamie Patterson’s website and while you’re there, her blog.


  1. Pamela Gold says:

    Hey, I didn’t get the sign up sheet for this book?

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