November Book Club: Expecting Adam by Martha Beck

Expecting Adam by Martha Beck

It’s not quite November yet, but our book club members are excited about our next month’s book club selection, Martha Beck’s Expecting Adam: A True Story of Birth, Rebirth, and Everyday Magic (Three Rivers Press).  Martha Beck is a prolific writer and is well known for her monthly column in O. Magazine.

In Expecting Adam, Martha Beck writes a bit closer to home. Originally published in 1999, her memoir reveals the months leading up to the birth of her Down Syndrome son Adam and his childhood years. This  new edition includes  a new chapter from the author.

   John and Martha Beck had two Harvard degrees apiece when they conceived their second child. Further graduate studies, budding careers, and a growing family meant major stress–not that they’d have admitted it to anyone (or themselves). As the pregnancy progressed, Martha battled constant nausea and dehydration. And when she learned her unborn son had Down syndrome, she battled nearly everyone over her decision to continue the pregnancy. She still cannot explain many of the things that happened to her while she was expecting Adam, but by the time he was born, Martha, as she puts it, “had to unlearn virtually everything Harvard taught [her] about what is precious and what is garbage.”

Parents will find the memoir fascinating as we learn how the medical profession and society dealt with special needs in the 1990s as compared to today. Grab you copy and come back on November 10 as From Left to Write members discuss Martha Beck’s Expecting Adam.

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