Neil Patrick Harris at BEA + Excerpt Giveaway!

Neil Patrick Harris at BEA 2014

I’m going to say this as calmly as possible. Ready?

I met Neil Patrick Harris. (Are you squeeing?) I met him last week at Book Expo America when he was signing excerpts to his book/memoir Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography (Crown Publishing).

Meeting Neil Patrick Harris at Book Expo America

I never get to BEA early in order to stand in line for an hour to meet an author, but NPH is different. It’s NPH: aka Dr. Horrible aka Doogie Howser aka Barney aka Balladeer (from Sondheim’s Assassins)! Obviously I’m a fan.

NPH Autograph from Book Expo America-From Left to Write

Was he worth waiting in line for? Of course! I only had about 10 seconds of face time with him, and I’m proud to say that I didn’t get all fangirl. I asked him about his kids, he signed me book, and I moved on. The line to meet him was very, very long.

His book Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography isn’t released until Oct 14, 2014 (but it’s available for pre-order). It sounds like  a fun read. You can hear how he describes it in his breakfast speech at BEA (I didn’t attend). It’s modeled after those Choose Your Adventure books we used to read as kids. Did you ever read those?

Lucky readers, I got my hands on 3 extra copies of an excerpt to  Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography to give away to 3 of you! Of course they’re not autographed like mine is, but hopefully they’ll tide you over until the fall. Remember these are excerpts and not the full book.

Neil Patrick Harris Book Excerpt Giveaway-From Left to Write

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