My Favorite Bookmark is a Receipt

Sticky bookmarks

My favorite bookmark really is a receipt. It’s not a particular one or the one I received for purchasing the book. It’s whatever I happen to find next to me that is flat and will fit in the book. Those are my not so classy requirements when it comes to bookmarks.

Last week, I grabbed a unused wood craft stick that was leftover from my kids’ craft project. It was flat. Ish. It did the job. Long ago, before my kids deprived me of sleep, I could remember exactly where I left off in a book. I could just flip to the appropriate page and resume my story.

I’m between books at the moment so I have no bookmark. I’m sure there will be a magazine subscription card nearby when I have to stop reading to feed the kids or something.

What kind of bookmarks do you use for your print books?

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  1. I use a pack of post-it notes and an ink pen. No where close to flat, but I keep lots of notes when I’m reading.

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