Meeting Book Club Authors at Book Expo America 2014

Book Expo America 2014-From Left to Write

I’m not sure I’ve recovered from Book Expo America yet! Like always, my days there were packed yet there never seemed to be enough hours to see all the authors on my list or talk to all the folks I wanted to. I would do it all over again. My first evening in town, I met up with my friend Heather at a Crown Publishing event. Heather and I have similar tastes in books and I knew she’d enjoy meeting the authors of From Left to Write’s recent book club features.

Thien-Kim and Sandie Shelton-From Left to Write

Sandie Shelton, aka Maddie Dawson, author of The Opposite of Maybe

On the top of my list to meet was Sandi Shelton, who wrote our April book club selection The Opposite of Maybe (under the pseudonym Maddie Dawson). Sandie and I have exchanged many emails and she was just as wonderful in person as she was over email. I made Heather read Sandie’s book before coming to the party and she was not disappointed. (Read our book club discussion of The Opposite of Maybe.)

Thien-Kim and Susan Rieger-From Left to Write

Susan Rieger author of The Divorce Papers

I also met Susan Rieger, author of our March book club feature  The Divorce PapersI love my virtual book club and discussing From Left to Write members’ discussion of their books. Susan has plenty of her ideas for her next books, and I’m looking forward to reading them when she’s finished.

Thien-Kim and Bevery Miranda-Whittemore-From Left to Write

Beverly Miranda-Whittemore, author of Bittersweet

Our book club members had very strong feelings about Bittersweet by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore. The novel touched them in unexpected ways. Miranda enjoyed reading how her novel inspired everyone and even mentioned a particular post she read. Gotta love authors who make a point to connect with their readers.

The event was jammed packed, thanks to the sudden cool New York weather. It was just too chilly and windy to hang out on the terrace. Still, I had a chance to chat with the cool folks at Crown Publishing. It’s nice to chat in person when we just exchange emails most of the year.

This is just part one of my BEA recap. Stay tuned for Neil Patrick Harris photos! Plus I have some coveted copies of his book excerpts to give away!

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