June Book Club: Unexpected Circumnavigation by Christi Grab

Just in time for summer, our second June book club selection is about a couple’s trip around the world, The Unexpected Circumnavigation: Unusual Boat, Unusual People Part I by Christi Grab.  Could you survive on a boating adventure around the world with your fiance?

More about the book:

No one expected these thirty-something professionals to give up their successful careers to pilot their own small boat around the world, especially because they started with almost no boating experience. Instead of the expected sailboat, they chose a 43 foot trawler powerboat, which many believed was incapable of crossing oceans. Most people expected them to fail. But they surprised the skeptics when they successfully circumnavigated the globe in two years, visiting 110 places along the way in thirty-four countries.

Part 1 of “The Unexpected Circumnavigation” follows Christi and Eric daily as they travel to eighteen exotic South Pacific islands that few people ever see. You will experience the local food and cultures, participate in island tours and adventure activities (include going to the rim of an active volcano!), and feel what it is like to be on long sea passages. Learn about the challenges, rewards and the surprises that come with both traveling and boating.

Pick up your copy of The Unexpected Circumnavigation: Unusual Boat, Unusual People Part I and join us on June 28 as our bloggers discuss the book.

What is your dream trip of vacation? Do you want to backpack through Europe? Visit the pyramids in Egypt?

After this book, you might be inspired to go on that dream trip!

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