I Only Want An E-Reader When I Travel

Reading on plane

I do this every time I fly on a plane. I debate on purchasing an e-reader.

Even though I’m an early adopter when it comes to technology (hello, social media!), I’m still old school when it comes books. I still prefer print copies. I love shuffling through my cityscapes of books in search of my next read. I had a revelation a few weeks ago about my aversion to e-books. I stare at a computer for many hours of my day. For work, not playing Farm Heroes Saga on Facebook (ok, maybe a little of that too). I don’t always feel like staring at another screen to read a book.

E-books have been slowly slithering their way into my life. I read e-galleys from NetGalley. Authors send me PDFs of their books. When it comes to e-books, I usually read them on my smartphone via the Kindle app. Sometimes I read on my iPad but only if I’m lounging in bed. The iPad just feels to unwieldy. Plus, who wants to wipe off sticky fingerprints every time I sit down to read on it? My kids use the iPad more than I do.

Now when I travel, the benefits of owning an e-reader are glaring. I can fit piles and piles of books in a device that will fit in my purse, all without the new book smell of course. It won’t weigh me down and I don’t have to worry about running out of something to read. I could use my phone, but reading on app drains my battery pretty quickly. The only downside of an e-reader when flying on the plane is the 15-20 minutes “no electronics” rule at the beginning and end of the flight. I still need to bring a print book for that. I can get a lot of reading done in twenty minutes!

So hear I am again, considering purchasing a Kindle Paperwhite (affiliate link). I’m going on several trips in the next four weeks, which makes a dedicated e-reader more and more attractive. Especially since Amazon has the Kindle Paperwhite on sale: $20 off with the code KINDLEPW, making it only $99. (Code might not work for everyone). If I order today, it’ll arrive in time for my trip on Thursday. Hmmm.

How do you feel about print books versus e-readers?

Photo by Fiona Harding via Creative Commons.

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