Friday Reads: The Layover Edition

 Lost in Suburbia by Tracy Beckerman cover

I’m heading back to Atlanta today for a quick trip. Quick as in I’ll probably spend more time in airplanes and airports than Atlanta itself. I’m taking advantage of my flights and layovers by reading! Big surprise. I purchased my ticket too late to get a non-stop flight without killing my wallet, so I have layovers for both days of travel. Each leg is a short flight which means I’m better off packing print copies. Though I’ll pack my tablet, just in case.

I starting reading  Lost in Suburbia: A Momoir by Tracy Beckerman. She generously gave me a copy of her book after our Book Smarts panel at Blogalicious. I usually bring a book to the daily bus stop afternoon ritual because I don’t always feel like making small talk with the other parents. Ok, I mostly don’t like making small talk. The very first chapter made me laugh out loud. Thank goodness no one gave me a crazy look. Tracy’s momoir is hilarious, but I expected no less after meeting her.

Amy Tan Tweet

Last night my friends and I purchased tickets to see Amy Tan when she comes to DC next month. I totally have a girl crush on Amy Tam. Though I only met her briefly during BEA, she did tweet me once so that means we’re buddies, right? A book lover can dream.

Valley of Amazement by Amy Tan

My galley of her new book The Valley of Amazement, due out in November 5th, has been sitting on a special place on my bookshelf. Since we will hear her talk in less than a month, I better start cracking on the novel!

What are you reading this weekend?