Checking Out the Gaithersburg Book Festival

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I gathered up my six-year-old and my two-year old this weekend and headed to the Gaithersburg Book Festival. I never know how things will go when I’m solo parenting at an outdoor event. Besides the long list of authors speaking and signing books at the festival, there’s an entire children’s village.

I mainly pushed the stroller around children’s village, but did get a chance to hear Alma Katsu, author of The Taker. I met her last year at Book Blogger Conference last year.  She actually remembered me! Since I’m on Twitter more than I should admit, I love that Alma is very friendly on Twitter. Did you know she used to work for the NSA? As in National Security Agency.

The kids were restless so I didn’t get a chance to hear any other authors speak. In fact my toddler barely made it through Alma’s session. After we hit a few booths at the children’s village, I let them pick up some comic books from the Friends of the Library sale.  My daughter is fascinated by comic books, but we didn’t really find any appropriate for a six-year-old.

Do you know of any graphic novels or comic books a six-year-old girl would like?

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Thien-Kim is Editor of From Left to Write. She sneaks in her reading time late at night after her family is sound asleep. She also writes at I'm Not the Nanny.


  1. My 6 1/2 year old loves the Babymouse series, and another one….something about Lunch ladies. I’ll ask her what it’s called when she gets home from school. They’re both pretty cute, and easy reads for her.

  2. I’m flattered that they were so good during my presentation. And your children are beautiful. I love that your son came up and shook my hand afterwards. What a gentleman.
    It was great seeing you, as always!

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