Book Review: Arranged by Catherine McKenzie

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Arranged by Catherine McKenzie

My kids just left to spend a few weeks at Camp Grandparents, and I’m excited about having uninterrupted reading time. Waiting for me on my bookshelf was Arranged by Catherine McKenzie. I needed something light and fun after my Book Expo America brain overload. Seemed like a perfect match.

In the first chapter of  Arranged, our protagonist Anne Blythe, whose mother named her after the famous Anne of Green Gables,  finally walks out on her cheating boyfriend.  She tries to recover from yet another failed relationship when her best friend announces she’s getting engaged. Feeling completely lost, Anne calls up a dating agency, only to find out that it’s an exclusive arranged marriage service.

For contemporary fiction, I found the premise a bit too contrived. For the first few chapters I couldn’t get a grasp on Anne. Sometimes I liked her, other times I found her whiney. Once Anne visits the agency, coincidentally named Blythe & Company, and signs up for an arranged marriage, I was hooked. I want to know what what happens to Anne.

I won’t spoil the story by telling you what happens to Anne after that.  Anne’s search for love is a journey than many women can empathize with. You’ll find yourself rooting for Anne and her happy ending.

Arranged by Catherine McKenzie is perfect for a bit of poolside reading.

I received a copy of the book for review. Links to the title are affiliate links.

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  1. I always wondered if sometimes it’s easier to have your mate picked out for you. I was totally hooked on the idea of falling in love but I have to admit that when I met my husband, I really liked him and even when we got married, it was still more about like and as our marriage progresses, the love has grown alongside the like. I don’t know if that makes sense… lol.

    • Nancy, it makes total sense. When I met my husband we didn’t become friends first, but rather, friends with benefits. We celebrate our 10 year anniversary in August!

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