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Thien-Kim Lam, Editor of From Left to Write

Thien-Kim Lam, Editor

Thien-Kim (@thienkim) - Editor of From Left to Write Even after ruining her young eyes sneaking books under the covers with a flashlight, Thien-Kim still reads, albeit while wearing her glasses, using her tiny book light in bed after everyone in her family is asleep. Her piles of to be read books grow faster than she can read, but she continues to “collect” books. Her guilty pleasure is soaking in a steamy bubble bath while reading trashing magazines.

A reader of many genres, she consumes the following with a passion, in no particular order: literary fiction, science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, historical fiction, and women’s literature. You can connect with Thien-Kim on GoodReads to see what’s currently con her nightstand.

She has spoken at various conferences including Evo Conference about creating and nurturing an online community, 3AF Asian Marketing Summit about the influence of Asian parenting bloggers, and  Mom 2.0 Summit 2011 about finding your multicultural community online through social media. She is also featured in Be Blogalicious, a documentary by Tyler New Media takes you inside of  Blogalicious Weekend, the premiere blogging conference for women of color.

You can find Thien-Kim, when she’s not chasing her two young children or avoiding housework, blogging  about multicultural parenting, children’s books, food and much more at I’m Not the Nanny. She is also the Living Editor at The DC Moms.


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