Book Club Discussion: Dad Is Fat

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Parenting is not easy, especially when you have five kids, as documented by Jim Gaffigan in his book,  Dad Is Fat (Three Rivers Press). During the challenging parenting moments, it’s better to laugh. Our latest book club selection does make it easier to laugh at those crazy parenting situations.

Take a look at From Left to Write members’ personal stories as inspired by Dad Is Fat: 

Now that you’ve laughed with us, grab your copy of   Dad Is Fat (Three Rivers Press) and laugh along with Jim Gaffigan like our book club did!

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  1. I read this book last summer and it was hilarious! I had just moved out of NYC to the suburbs with my 2 kids because I couldn’t deal with raising them in the city anymore. Gaffigan sure made me feel like a wuss in that respect! I have no idea how he managed 5 kids in an NYC apartment!

  2. I couldn’t get over the couple that thought it was a good idea to bring a baby to the Grand Canyon and then was upset that, you know, folks wanted to look at the Grand Canyon at the Grand Canyon.

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