Book Club Discussion: The Last Winter of Dani Lancing by P.D. Viner

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Last Winter of Dani Lancing by PD Viner

Today is book club day for our first November book, The Last Winter of Dani Lancing, a novel by P.D. Viner. Twenty years ago, college student Dani was murdered but her killer was never found.  Now a promising new lead may change everything. The three main characters (four if you count Dani) represents the mother, father, daughter, and boyfriend in most of us. Most readers will identify with at least one of roles or a moment in each of the characters’ lives, such as Dani’s desire to be independent from her mother. Or Tom trying so hard to be more than a friend to Dani.

From Left to Write book club members were just as enthralled with Viner’s book as I was.  Head over to their blogs to see what the novel inspired them to share about their lives:

Grab a copy of  The Last Winter of Dani Lancing (Crownand let us know what you think!

Learn more about P.D. Viner by visiting his website and follow him on Twitter or on Goodreads.

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  1. This is fantastic. that some ideas in my book have triggered such interesting associations/memories to bubble up is fantastic. So many things to think about. I have been remembering my first kiss. It was when I was thirteen. I was at a party and a much older (16-18) year old girl asked me to dance. It was a slow dance. At the end of it i thanked her and made to leave but she held on for another – and during that she kissed me. It was such a thrill… and then a fist smacked into the side of my head. Her boyfriend had punched me. She had chosen me at random to make him jealous. i left the party (with my younger sister – maybe that is a clue to why i was chosen)and went home. I had a cut to my head (it was a pretty rough punch) and my sister blabbed to my mum. My mum put her first through a cupboard door and then got her coat. She was going to find him and beat him up. We held her back, I was frightened about what she might do, she was so angry. I think that maternal anger and desire to fight for your child is at the heart of the book. Hmmmm. I should call my mum for a chat.

  2. That mama bear instinct never wanes, does it?! What a great story.

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