April Diversity Reading Challenge Check-In #ReadDiverseLit

From Left to Write 2016 Diversity Reading Challenge #ReadDiverseLit

Yikes! I almost forgot to share my April check-in for the Diversity Reading Challenge. Last month was slow month for me (again), but mostly because of new position at We Need Diverse Books. So while I’m not reading as much, I’m definitely doing work to promote diverse literature.

March was all about popcorn reading for me, with a couple of literary fiction tossed in. I’m ashamed to say that of the 4 adult books I read, only one would qualify for this challenge. The one middle grade book I read definitely qualifies, but this challenge is for adult lit.

Romance has been my catnip recently. After a full day of work, losing myself in a fun, sexy read is my escape. Rebekah Weatherspoon’s novella So Sweet was fits squarely into this category. Her work frequently features African American heroines in interracial relationships. So Sweet also featured a May-December romance. Her twentysomething heroine falls for a much older man.

I haven’t finished  Erika Lee’s The Making of Asian America yet, but I’m slowly working on it.

Queued up on my Overdrive app is the audiobook Welcome to Braggsville by T. Geronimo Johnson. I actually  have a digital copy of this book, but after staring at my screen all day, I realize that I need a change of scenery at night. Audiobooks have been an easy way for me to read while I’m cooking or doing the dishes.

How did you do this month?

From Left to Write 2016 Diversity Reading Challenge #ReadDiverseLit

For April and May, I need your book recommendations. I’d like to find books that qualify for the following:

#3 Book in which character suffers from mental illness
#5 Book written by or about someone with spectrum disorder
#7 Book of poetry by LGBT writer
#12 Novel with an LGBT main character

Have you read any good books that fit one of the above? 

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