An Echo Through the Snow (Review & Giveaway)

An Echo Through the Snow Book Cover


Our family owns a cat (or is that vice versa?), but it doesn’t mean we don’t love dogs. It would not be fair to make a dog live in our cramped apartment, since our family would want to own a big dog. I did get to vicariously live as a dog owner as I read Andrea Thalasinos’ An Echo Through the Snow.

The novel alternates between present day-ish and sixty years in the past with seemingly two different plot lines about two native cultures: one in Siberia and the other in Wisconsin. Present day (early 1990s) story revolves around Rosalie whose confidence has been bruised after an abusive marriage. She discovers that she has a gift with dogs and goes to work for a professional dogsled racing husband and wife team. Sixty years prior to Rosalie, readers learn about the Chukchi people of Siberia. The Chukchi people were displaced by Stalin’s army. Many were killed or didn’t survive. The Chukchi not only lost their way of life, but their Guardians, huskies who were the soul of the people, were lost too.

I found the pace of the book a bit too slow for me. I was more fascinated by the Chukchi story, but those chapters were much too short. Rosalie story felt as slow and subdued as her self-improvement journey. Usually with novels that alternate between two stories, I expect them to come full circle. (Spoiler Alert next) With An Echo Through the Snow, it took much longer before the connection was made. I would say more than halfway through the book.

If you’re a dog lover or if you’re interested in learning about the inner workings of dogsled racing, this is the book for you. To learn more about what inspired author Andrea Thalasinos, check out her website.

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