8 Must Have Lunch Bags For Book Lovers

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Must Have Lunch Boxes For Book Lovers

Who says adults can’t have fun lunch bags? If our kids get new lunch boxes for the start of school, we should be able to tote our lunch in bookish style too! We’ve found some fun lunch containers and lunch bags you’ll be proud to pack your sandwich in.

Harper Lee Gift Bags

Brown bag your lunch with Harper Lee Gift Bags from Sammo etsy shop. You can also get carry your sandwich in Hemingway, Frost, and more.

Composition Notebook Yubo Lunch Box

You can customize this Composition Book Yubo Lunch Box anyway you like. Will you choose “book nerd” or  just your name? I’m also digging the bento style inserts!

Hot Girls Read Lunch Bag


Hot Girls Read. We totally do. Hot Girls <3 reading. Grab this lunch bag here.

Edgar Allan Poe Lunch Box

My lunch shall be boring, nevermore! Not when it’s in this Edgar Allan Poe Lunch Box.

Vintage Alphabet Lunch Sack

This Vintage Alphabet Lunch Sack reminds me of my elementary school years.

Read Quote Different Languages

Reading is universal, right? This neoprene lunch bag is covered in the word “Read” in different languages.

Keep Calm and Love Books

Keep Calm and Love Books canvas tote. Everyone would be calmer if we read more books, right?

So Many Books Diaper Bag

So Many Books Diaper Bag Don’t let the diaper bag classification fool you. Even after my kids outgrew diapers, I loved all the pockets in my diaper bag. Plenty of room to stash your lunch, work things, and a book. You can’t go wrong with that!


In The Spirit of Surprise Flask

This isn’t a lunch bag, but it’s too fun not to share. I’d definitely wait for casual Fridays or happy hour before pulling out this flask that hides inside a book safe!

Which of these lunch bags/box would you carry your food in?

Nerd Block

Review: The Master Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg

I’m still in a book rut, but I did finish The Master Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg last week. It’s the perfect ending to her The Paper Magician trilogy.

In The Master Magician, Ceony is up for her final exam to become a certified Master Magician. Because of her close relationship with her teacher Emery Thane, she’s sent to another Paper Magician for her test to avoid any possible nepotism. As she prepares for her test, she learns that a murderous dark arts magician she helped capture in The Glass Magician has escaped prison. The last time she spoke with the rogue magician, he threatened her family. Ceony decides to be proactive and hunt him down–instead of waiting for him to attack her.

I devoured the first two books in the series, but had a tough time getting back into Holmberg’s world at first. This was mostly my fault as I’m in a book rut and it’s been a while since I read previous books. Once I warmed up, I loved every second of it.

While each book in the series could be read as a standalone, I highly recommend reading them in order. The third book is fairly light on the world building, but if you’ve read the previous two, you won’t need to fill in the blanks as much.  Ceony is a heroine that’s tough and innovative–never a bad thing in fantasy books.

If you’re looking for a fun series to read, you can’t go wrong with The Paper Magician trilogy.

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Review: The Lake Season by Hannah McKinnon

The Lake Season by Hannah McKinnon

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